Eligibility Criteria and Evaluation

The students who are participating for the scholarship should fill up their form on time and with accurate information so that it doesn’t get cancelled. Once they filled up the application form, they are required to submit the essay and ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria.

  1. They should be enrolled in the relevant streams of academic courses.
  2. Their age should be 18 and if not, then, they will be 18 at the time of disbursement.
  3. Their essay should be written in a unique style and it must be original.
  4. The personal achievements, career aspirations and the creative thoughts about the subject should be reflected in your writing.
  5. Here, you have to state the reasons why Internet Marketing is a significant tool and it’s utility cum effects on the sites and articles.

The Evaluation Process includes the judging of articles by the group of editors and selection board members. The scholarship committee will supervise the total process and will make sure that every step will be done without error. The write up of the students will be checked from different perspectives like creativity of the participants along with the analytical skill, deep understanding of the application of the subject, knowledge to put the facts, clear and concise idea about the subject chosen by him/her. The accomplishments of the participants will be verified if your write up is chosen and then the reward money will be given to the college association and mail will be sent to the winner.